About Us Publicated: Marte Ramborg

Agenda is a think tank focused on Norwegian domestic politics and international affairs. Our research focuses particularly on five topics: Labor economics, public welfare, immigration and integration, climate change and energy, as well as foreign policy.

Director Marte Gerhardsen leads the organization.

Through research, analysis and public debate, we promote accurate information, develop and promote new ideas, and advance a future-oriented and value-based political dialogue.

By organizing seminars and other gatherings, we aim to be a meeting place for engaged, policy-interested persons from academia, think tanks, non-profits and labor organizations, as well as the private sector, the media and politics.

Agenda seeks to increase support for a society built on values like freedom, low inequality and trust. In our work, we promote the basic principle that individual freedom is contingent on a society characterized by equal opportunity for all.

Agenda currently employs nine full-time staff and a number of consultants on individual projects. We began our work in August 2014.



Tankesmien Agenda er en møteplass for fremtidsrettet politisk nytekning i hele landet, hvor samfunnsengasjerte mennesker fra politikk, akademia, organisasjonsliv, næringsliv og media kan bidra med ulike oppfatninger og perspektiver. Du kan lese mer om Agenda under "Om oss.

Tankesmien Agenda er organisert som et ideelt AS, og eies av Trond Mohn og Landsorganisasjonen i Norge (LO).

For å lese Agendas årsrapport fra 2016 klikker du på denne linken. 

Spørsmål vedrørende rapporten kan rettes til administrasjonsrådgiver Heidi Bjørklund.